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  • Mr. Andy Sikora took the time to come to my home to discuss with me how to improve my credit score so I would be able to purchase my first home. He educated me on how to write letters to my creditors to remove wrongly report information. We set up a action plan to accomplish cleaning up my credit and it worked! Mr. Sikora was very diligent on following up with me to make sure I was on track to achieve my home buying goals. I would highly recommend Colonial Mortgage Capital. They ROCK!!!

    Amanda Marlow
  • Any time I heeded help, had a question, or needed guidance with the paper work, Andy was there to help. It never took him more than a few hours (sometimes minutes) to get back to me; even if he was out of the office or out of town. It was great all around.

    Patrick Gallagher
  • I have financed my house five times in 17 years, always for better terms and always with Andy. He was always able to find better rate and term that saved me money overall and expedited the payoff of the principle as well.

    Trushar Patel
  • ANDY IS THE MAN!!!!!! Point blank, period, end of discussion! This is the 2nd time I have used Andy's expertise, and just like the first time, the experience was awesome. No matter the question he has an answer. Real professional, always puts customer first, always looking out for your interest all the time

    Ray Maldonado
  • Andy is one of the best in the business! He is extremely knowledgeable, great to work with and most importantly, very accessible. He will respond to an inquiry as quickly as possible 7 days a week. I have worked with Andy on several dozen contracts successfully and feel at ease when my clients are working with him knowing that there won't be any issues with the loan closing on time!

    Sarah Qureshi
  • I usually don't take the time to give testimonial but, I had to for Andy Sikora. You just amazed us with your client service and how detailed you were every step of the way with all the documents and loan information. Everytime I called, emailed or text you; within minutes I had a response and that's rare. EXCELLENT SERVICE and VERY PROFESSIONAL at all times. It was a pleasure being a client of yours and we will highly recommend you to our friends, family and anyone that is looking for EXCELLENCE. Lisa B. and Frank V.

    Lisa Vanderhorst
  • I am a return customer to Colonial Mortgage with Andy Sikora. Andy and staff worked with me every step of the way to make the refinance process clear and less daunting. They were always friendly, patient and knowledgeable. It was a refreshing and pleasant surprise that even though they are a smaller outfit, they cost less than the bigger banks and not as surprising was that service and accessibility were excellent. I got help quickly and the whole refinance took less time. 5 stars.

    Sean Slattery
  • My lender, Andy Sikora, went above and beyond during my closing and qualification process. His team ensured that my documents were ready and complete and we were ready to close weeks before our closing date - when does that happen?! Andy was a great resource responsive proactive and always checking in - my buyers agent was new and Andy spent time walking us through both the contract negotiation and closing process - took called on weekends and Fourth of July holiday. client for life!

    Vinita Srivastava
  • Andy was able to guide us through every step of our home loan process with ease. He tolerated our many questions, in realtime, and we were extremely pleased with the results of our dealings with Colonial Mortgage. We would highly recommend Andy and co.

    Paul Weiland
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4 Important Questions

Whether you’re a first-time home buyer, experienced real estate investor or considering refinancing your home, Colonial’s Borrow Smart Plan can help you answer your four most important questions.

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3. How much money will I need to buy a home or refinance?

4. How will this home purchase or refinance impact my wealth over time?

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